Bryn Mawr Film Institute Celebrate Comedian W.C. Fields.

100 years of W.C. Fields kiosk.
Dr. Harriet Fields sitting in front of 100 years of W.C. Fields poster.
Dr. Harriet Fields.
Dr. Harriet Fields sitting in directors chair with Dr. Linda Rhodes and Gina Izzo standing on either side.
Dr. Harriet Fields sitting with Dr. Linda Rhodes on the left and Gina Izzo on the right.

“Your remarks were informative, engaging, and entertaining. As you said, it’s evident when a speaker has a real passion for the subject, and your passion for W.C. is clear and infectious. Our audience was so thrilled, and we’ve been getting compliments since last night.” Gina Izzo Programming & Marketing Associate at the Byrn Mawr Film Institute.

Dr. Harriet Fields standing in front of Bryn Mawr Film Institute's marquee.
Dr. Harriet Fields.

“You were splendid at the screening and the audience just loved you—you could tell they knew that they were being treated to a rarely known treasure trove of W.C. stories. I think what resonated most (and always does with me) is your interpretation of his works and spirit as a person and actor who honored the dignity, resilience and hope among the working class through his comedic gifts and kindness in life. You truly give his legacy meaning and spiritual depth.” Dr. Linda Rhodes on Dr. Harriet Fields' presentation at the Byrn Mawr Film Institute W.C. Fields Tribute, August 20, 2015.