Happy St. Patrick's Day 2024!

Timeless cross-cultural insights for St. Patrick's Day.  Will Eno, award-winning playwright, describes W.C. Fields as a "quiet revolutionary".  All done with a profound insight and compassion for the human condition, knowing truth through Humor helps Heal. As W.C. Fields said, "If I can make them laugh and through that laughter makes this old world seem just a little brighter, then I am satisfied."  An expression of love.

On St. Patrick's Day enjoy W.C. Fields’ letter from mythical "niece Maggie" referring to "Uncle Bill's" letter to "Aunt Bridget" in Ireland.

And, letter to long time business friend, Bill Grady, referring to "Aunt Maggie". W.C. Fields kept the thread going to be included in a possible radio script.