There Once was a Knight Outstanding in Fields.

Carolyn Knight and Allen Fields viewing memorabilia.
Vick Knight's wife, Carolyn Knight, looks over Vick's memorabilia collection of W.C. Fields with Allen Fields, president of W.C. Fields Productions, Inc. and grandson of the famous comedian.

Anyone who knew Vick Knight knew of his fascination with W.C. Fields. He gave lectures on the comedian, presented film festivals, was the driving force behind getting W.C.’s face on a postage stamp and had the largest collection of Fields’ memorabilia outside the family. In fact, when Vick and his wife Carolyn moved to Canyon Lake, he looked at one of the interior rooms of the house and said, “This is going to be my poolroom and W.C. Fields memorial museum.” Read more at

Ten Miscastings that Worked—Or Nearly Worked!

W.C. Fields (David Copperfield–1935)

Many actors give excellent performances, some give definitive performances, but only a few give incomparable performances. Boris Karloff was an incomparable Frankenstein’s Monster, Errol Flynn an incomparable Robin Hood and Robert Newton, an incomparable Long John Silver. For those playing Charles Dickens characters, Alec Guinness was an incomparable Fagin, Alastair Sim, an incomparable Scrooge, and, against the odds, W C Fields an incomparable Micawber! Read more at

Excerpted from “Ten Miscastings that Worked—Or Nearly Worked!” by Mark Iveson, Shadowlocked contributor.

W.C. Fields in top hat.

Our tribute to Roger Richman and Richard Feiner.

W.C. Fields Productions, Inc. recognize with sadness and respect the recent passing of our friends and former agents Roger Richman and Richard Feiner, 2013.

Allen Fields at the Magic Castle.

Allen Fields, president of W.C. Fields Productions, at the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA radio interview with Gary O’Brien, in honor of our grandfather, W.C. Fields' birthday, January 29, 2013.

Allen Fields interviewed by Gary O’Brien in radio studio.
Allen sitting on the right during the interview with Gary O’Brien.

Ben Model and Dr. Harriet Fields at the Alden Theatre screening of W.C. Fields.

Ben Model, expert silent movie accompanist, and Dr. Harriet Fields at the screening of W.C. Fields' silent movie “It’s the Old Army Game”, Alden Theatre, McLean, VA, January 9, 2013. Ben, the resident accompanist at the Museum of Modern Art, NY (MoMA), played his original composition. Harriet spoke to the audience about her grandfather with brother Ronald J. Fields' essential filmography W.C. Fields A Life On Film.

Ben Model and Dr. Harriet Fields backstage at the Alden Theatre.
Dr. Harriet A. Fields and accompanist Ben Model at the screening of “It’s the Old Army Game.”