W.C. Fields Centennial Celebration at the New Amsterdam, June 22, 2015.

One hundred years and one day from our grandfather's opening and starring in the Ziegfeld Follies, June 21, 1915, W.C. Fields Centennial Celebration at the New Amsterdam, June 22, 2015. “...different views of the ‘W.C. Fields Centennial Celebration’ are visually arresting and engaging and fun. Looks like an infectious good time.” Steve Friedman, event photographer.

Ron and Harriet standing next to a framed black and white photo.
Ronald J. Fields and Dr. Harriet A. Fields next to photo of their grandfather on stage in the Ziegfeld Follies at the New Amsterdam Theatre.
Ron standing next to a projected image on screen of his grandfather.
Ronald J. Fields.
Dana, Ron and Harriet standing together in front of projected image.
Dana Amendola, Vice President, Disney Theatrical Group, Ronald J. Fields, Dr. Harriet A. Fields.
Dana, Harriet and Dick having a conversation in front of an audience.
Dana Amendola, Dr. Harriet Fields, Dick Cavett.
Dick Cavett smiling and sitting before an audience.
Dick Cavett.
Harriet with Dick arms raised sitting before the audience.
Dr. Harriet Fields, Dick Cavett.
Ron with Arthur commenting before an audience.
Ronald J. Fields and Arthur Wertheim commenting on screen feature of W.C. Fields' classic pool routine in Six of a Kind playing Honest John, first performed on the New Amsterdam.
Harriet with Dick commenting before an audience.
Dick Cavett commenting on screen feature of W.C. Fields' classic Juggling scene from The Old Fashioned Way, juggling originally performed at the New Amsterdam Theatre.
Audience as seen from side.
Steve Friedman, photographer of the event, comments, “...this selection [of photos] captures the extraordinarily delight of the evening.”
Audience as seen from back.
A magical experience beyond imagine, a complete lovefest for W.C. Fields, and as it should be.

W.C. Fields featured at TCM Classic Film Festival 2015.

Ron and Allen Fields with Illeana Douglas.
Ron and Allen Fields with Illeana Douglas at W.C. Fields Tribute on March 27 at Hollywood, TCM Classic Film Festival 2015.
Allen and Ron introduce The Bank Dick!

There Once was a Knight Outstanding in Fields.

Carolyn Knight and Allen Fields viewing memorabilia.
Vick Knight's wife, Carolyn Knight, looks over Vick's memorabilia collection of W.C. Fields with Allen Fields, president of W.C. Fields Productions, Inc. and grandson of the famous comedian.

Anyone who knew Vick Knight knew of his fascination with W.C. Fields. He gave lectures on the comedian, presented film festivals, was the driving force behind getting W.C.’s face on a postage stamp and had the largest collection of Fields’ memorabilia outside the family. In fact, when Vick and his wife Carolyn moved to Canyon Lake, he looked at one of the interior rooms of the house and said, “This is going to be my poolroom and W.C. Fields memorial museum.” Read more at FridayFlyer.com...

Ten Miscastings that Worked—Or Nearly Worked!

W.C. Fields (David Copperfield–1935)

Many actors give excellent performances, some give definitive performances, but only a few give incomparable performances. Boris Karloff was an incomparable Frankenstein’s Monster, Errol Flynn an incomparable Robin Hood and Robert Newton, an incomparable Long John Silver. For those playing Charles Dickens characters, Alec Guinness was an incomparable Fagin, Alastair Sim, an incomparable Scrooge, and, against the odds, W C Fields an incomparable Micawber! Read more at Shadowlocked.com...

Excerpted from “Ten Miscastings that Worked—Or Nearly Worked!” by Mark Iveson, Shadowlocked contributor.

W.C. Fields in top hat.

Our tribute to Roger Richman and Richard Feiner.

W.C. Fields Productions, Inc. recognize with sadness and respect the recent passing of our friends and former agents Roger Richman and Richard Feiner, 2013.