Films of W.C. Fields at the Library for the Performing Arts.
by Imogen Smith, Brooklyn Indie Movie Examiner.

Mark Twain declared, “The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven.” No one illustrated this better than W.C. Fields, who drew from the bottomless wells of humor to be found in aggravation, pessimism and acrimony. Fields recognized that his own success as a performer depended on the less generous aspects of human nature. He remarked: “I like, in an audience, the fellow who roars continuously at the troubles of the character I am portraying on the stage. But he probably has a mean streak in him, and if I needed ten dollars, he'd be the last person I'd call upon. I'd go first to the old lady and old gentleman back in row S who keep wondering what there is to laugh at.” Read more at

Poster for The Bank Dick.
The mausoleum where Michael Jackson will be buried neighboring W.C. Fields.
Holly Terrace at Forest Lawn in Glendale, Calif., the mausoleum where Michael Jackson will be buried neighboring W.C. Fields on Sept. 3, 2009.

Forest Lawn Neighbor of W.C. Fields.

Grandson Ronald Fields tells TIME that W.C. Fields would be “...just fine with it”. Michael Jackson becomes a Forest Lawn neighbor describes Bryan Alexander in Picking Jackson's Burial Place: Security Was Key.